1.1) Player Conduct - We expect all players to be respectful of each other no matter their differences. Any kind of discrimination and harrassment will not be tolerated and will be considered grounds for immediate expulsion. If you are having a problem with another player, please talk to the Command Team (CO/XO/2XO) about it. Keep in mind that the Commanding Officer's decision on matters will be considered final.

1.2) Sim Rating - Tau Lyrae is rated for Adult Audiences (18+). This means the sim may contain frequent use of offensive language (cursing). It may contain graphic description of violence, including descriptions of extreme violence; injuries, acts of mutilation or of sadism to such a level they may cause shock or offense to the average adult reader. The sim also may contain references to specific sexual acts, and may contain descriptions of the acts being performed. We however are not XXX, so use your best judgement. Do not write extreme pornographic content. Command team has the final decision on what constitutes going over the line.

1.3) Leave of Absence - Every now and again players need to take time of for a variety of reasons. We encourage them to take a break when they need it and return to the sim rested and ready to participate. If at any stage you need a Leave of Absence (LOA), please contact the Command Team, preferably via Discord.

1.4) Player Activity - If a player has not responded to any form of communication or inquiry by the Command Team for at least 2 weeks, and have been inactive for a minimum of 1 month, they may be removed from the sim.


2.1) Post Frequency - Players are expected to post once every week at minimum (although more is definitely encouraged) for their main characters and any of their characters that are central to a plot development.

2.2) Post Length - In order to establish and maintain quality over quantity, posts are required to be at least 300 words with an absolute minimum of 250 words.

2.3) Joint Posts - Players will be expected to participate in joint posts (JPs) from time to time. For larger JPs, especially ones central to plot progression, a time limit may be imposed during which participants must reply. If participants do not reply within the specified time limit, the JP will be adjusted and posted. This is done in order to keep the plot moving forward. Players who missed out on a JP they were initially included/mentioned in are welcome to write it from their point of view in a follow up post.

2.4) Post Structure
- In the Timeline field, please use the current IC month followed. This references the post as being set in the mission's current time frame (eg. 2408.10). This will always be indicated on the Mission Description Page.
- The post itself opens with a short summary of what happens in it. (This should be maximum three to four sentences.)
- Next is a divider that separates the post content from the summary. It can be used to indicate the location, but you can simply use a dash (-) or any other method like BEGIN.
- Then follows the post content which should be at least 300 words and a minimum of 250.
- At the end of the post, another divider. This can be another indicator like a dash, something like End or END, or similar.

2.5) Spelling & Grammar - Because we are all from different countries and speak different languages, spelling and grammar sometimes take a back seat, but we'd like to encourage everyone to use a spellchecker and try to neaten things up a bit before posting it to the site.

2.6) Plot Development - Before delving into a subplot that could affect the sim as a whole, players are required to discuss their ideas with the Command Team and receive approval from the Commanding Officer in order to go ahead. We like to encourage players to explore their characters through subplots and engage other players in their subplots. However, please do so respectfully and within the guidelines established for the sim and its setting.


3.1) Player Characters (PC) - Players must create a main character which they will use to sim with on the TLS or on GT. Once a player has proven they can meet the posting requirements and responsibilities of their main character's position, they will be allowed to create a second PC. If they would like to create a third PC, they would need to prove that they can maintain the activity of their main character and second character. The creation of second and third characters is subject to the approval of the Commanding Officer following a discussion about the character and their purpose.

3.2) Non-Player Characters (NPC) - Players are allowed to create NPCs with which to interact or post for on the Galahad. Players are free to create NPCs in their own department, but if they would like to do so in another department they require the approval of that department's head, the XO or the CO.

NPCs played by one player only are typically linked to their account. NPCs can be shared by players by keeping the NPC unlinked and specifying in "Players" field of their bio who they are played by, eg. [Bren/Holly] would indicate a character played by both Bren and Holly. Other options can be used, such as [Medical] indicating an NPC can be used by anyone in the medical department, or [All] indicating anyone can play the NPC.

3.3) Using Characters - If one player plans to use another player's character extensively in a post, they should ask them for a Joint Post instead or ask their permission before using their character. When you do use someone's character, please keep in mind their character traits and read their bio carefully. This counts for player-linked NPCs as well.

3.4) Character Behaviour - Remember that all actions have consequences. Galahad is a Starfleet sim with a military structure and chain of command. If your character behaves irresponsibly they will most likely be reprimanded for their actions. If you're uncertain how your character would respond in certain situations, please contact the Command Team for advice.